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Rates and Insurance

  • $65 for one (1) week of unlimited telemental health email counseling
  • $205 for one (1) month of unlimited telemental health email counseling
The practice is closed on weekends and holidays.  You can email your counselor at anytime and responses can be expected within 24 hours or the next business day.  One week will consist of at least 5 business days.  One month will consist of at least 20 business days.  
Cancellation/Refund Policy: 
  • Payments received for one week of unlimited email counseling are non-refundable.  
  • Payments received for one month of unlimited email counseling can be partially refunded if explicitly requested via phone or email within 3 days (72 hours) of receipt of payment.  The charge and service will be reduced to full payment for one week of unlimited email counseling, plus any additional fees previously agreed to (if applicable, paypal), plus a $10 processing fee. 
Ripples of Hope Counseling, LLC does not accept or bill insurance for payment for counseling services.  I can provide invoices to be submitted by the client for requests for reimbursement from their insurance provider if applicable.  PLEASE NOTE, that my specific credentials and the asynchronous method of email counseling are often not covered by insurance, even for partial reimbursement.  
I respect your investment in your mental health and my counseling service.  
You will be invoiced prior to the start of email counseling sessions.  This may be after an initial consultation and paperwork completion which do not incur a charge.  Email counseling sessions will not start until payment has been received.  Invoices can come from three different services:
  • - secure payment using most major credit cards or debit cards run as credit.  Square meets HIPAA security standards.  
  • - not recommended despite its convenience.  Paypal is not HIPAA compliant and openly gathers and uses information based on our transaction to customize your experience.  I require you to sign an additional privacy waiver before using Paypal to pay for counseling services.  
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EMAIL Telehealth Coaching

Weekly or monthly unlimited email counseling packages.

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