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Self Love Coaching

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Tired of learning "self help" strategies that you invest lots of time and energy in for little to no payout.  Come learn how to LOVE YOURSELF in my course series that teaches you the skills to build self esteem, self love, and motivation so that you can sail out of the realm of overwhelm wherever and whenever it happens.

This course series consists of the direct time commitment of 6 coaching sessions, has the content of 10 coaching sessions, and you can complete it all in your time in your pajamas from home.  You can even do it from your phone in the Ripples of Hope APP!  See more special inclusions below.  

 Coaching is different from counseling.  Coaching has a more limited scope and a narrower focus, in this case - self love.  The goal is to get you lasting results.  While self love is definitely associated with mental health concerns like depression and anxiety, mental health concerns need to be treated by a mental health counselor with safety as a top priority.  When you participate in coaching, you, the consumer, are responsible for engaging with content and engaging in opportunities to connect with the coach when offered.  Your safety is assumed.  For these and other reasons, coaching is NOT eligible to be financed with a health savings account.


The 6 Week - Pathway to Lasting Motivation -

This is my signature online course series made up of 6 courses to walk you through not only breaking the negative self esteem cycle you've been trying to get out of for too long, but also kickstarting a motivation process that is adaptable to be able to serve you for the rest of your life. 

Phone/Virtual Coaching

Do you want 50 minutes of one on one connection with Amanda?  Phone/Virtual coaching is the way to get a private conversation and personalized feedback regarding self esteem, self love, and motivation.  

Schedule Today!

Call Amanda at Ripples of Hope Counseling at 260-572-8414



You are not your thoughts.  

Eckhart Tolle

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