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Thank you, a mental health benefit proposal from Amanda at Ripples of Hope Counseling will be on its way to you shortly!

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Owning a Small Business is Hard Work
Let's make employee mental health benefits easy!

You're looking for something that is:

  • As affordable for your business as it is effective for your employees
  • Appealing to prospective new-hires and shows current employees they matter to you
  • Proven to increase employee effectiveness and then increase employee retention
  • Proven to decrease HR incidents and employee call-off/no-shows
  • CLEAR on what it includes, CLEAR about how it works for your employees, and CLEAR on the cost upfront
  • Impactful for you personally.  After all, you are your first employee!

Your search ends here.  I can help.  

 Now Offering: Employee Ally                    

An Annual Mental and Behavioral Health Benefit Package for Small Businesses

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Group Video Coaching
(Recording available for viewing afterwards)

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Self Paced Stress Management Course

Unlimited Email Correspondence with a Licensed Counselor

An annual package for competitive small business owners to support a healthy, sustainable, lucrative business starting at the foundation - healthy employees

The Employee Ally Benefit Package Includes:

Live Coaching: 
Your employees speak face to face with Amanda on a LIVE group Zoom meeting!  
Your choice:

Monthly and the group is private to your business, it only includes your employees. 

Weekly and the group is open to a community of others enrolled in the weekly version
Sessions will be recorded for viewing at leisure if someone is unable to attend live. 
If there are no attendees at your scheduled meeting Amanda will choose a topic that has been indicated useful by the group and narrate an educational session for your employees to view at their leisure.  

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Lifetime Access To the Stress Management Course: 
Each employee gets their own lifetime access to "Overcome Mindblocks to Create Lasting Motivation" a self paced course on stress and anxiety management. 

In the course, Amanda walks participants through three phases: self respect, brain train, and confidence.  Explanations of stress and anxiety and strategically placed action-items help employees build skills that enable them to manage stress and anxiety differently than they have before. 

It's essentially 12 counseling sessions available to your employees that can be accessed at their leisure and completed at their own pace.   

The course is narrated by Amanda and her video screen is in the corner.  Rest assured this is not just another "death-by-PowerPoint" course.  


Unlimited Email: 

You read that correctly.  Every employee gets unlimited email correspondence directly with Amanda.  Replies within 24 hours during business hours

Amanda is certified to ethically and effectively provide telemental health services.  Email is a convenient, confidential, and productive way for your employees to receive mental health support from a professional.  


Tax Benefits

More states are adding tax benefits based on number of retained employees which employer offered mental health support has been shown to significantly increase?


According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employers nationally spend on average $12 per hour per employee on health benefits.  Employee Ally costs <$1 per hour per full time employee!


Popular competitors don't really compete.
  • Talkspace has been known to cost $3,300 per user for chat only​
  • Betterhelp advertises a basic package for 5 users starting at $13,200
  • Headspace/Ginger has unadvertised minimum fees, reportedly up to $30,000.  

1 in 4

One out of every four people will experience mental illness in a given year.  Your employees need this.  

Under Supplied

Mental Health America estimates that over 50% of people who sought mental health services last year did NOT receive them due to supply and demand disparities.  Your employees need this.  

You and Your Business are Perfect for Employee Ally 

If you want to: 

  • Keep your piece of the estimated $1 trillion lost annually to anxiety and depression in the workforce (per World Health Organization)

  • Attract top talent

  • Be proactive and a risk mitigation superstar

  • Facilitate exemplary employee retention, engagement, initiative, and satisfaction

  • Empower employees to be effective leaders 

  • Pioneer advocacy and education reducing mental health stigma

  • Provide benefit to every member of your workforce, regardless of their current stage in their mental health journey

  • Found an environment for growth, both in business and interpersonally

Nationally Certified

I'm board certified as a Nationally Certified Counselor


Telemental health

Telemental health provider certification as part of my virtual commitment to you



Don't wait for it, live your life and it will come to you.


Included in the Course:


Phase One:

Self Respect - Do it for you!

  • We'll cut right to the chase and reveal how our thoughts use self respect to self-sabotage.  Then, establish the method for self compassion.  

  • Get away from underlying other-esteem and people pleasing.

  • The saying 'you have to love yourself before you love others' has some merit.


Phase Two:

Brain Train - Fighting with a Double Edged Sword

  • I'll illustrate how your survival instincts have actively prevented you from making progress so far

  • I'll Show you how to work with those instincts instead of fight with them.

  • We have to be aware that something is not right in order to do anything about it.  We'll pinpoint it in this section.  


Phase Three:

Self Esteem and Lasting Motivation

  • Let your pride shine through after I show you how poor self esteem is really just a habit of looking in the wrong places for guidelines and criteria.

  • Going over the operational definition of 'motivation' - aka what is motivation really?

  • Step by step: how to bring motivation into focus using tools that you always have with you. 

What's Included

The Employee Ally Mental Health Benefit Package Includes

Untitled design.png

6 Module Training Course: 
Create Perpetual Motivation, individual access per employee ($1,499 value/employee)

Live Group Coaching (monthly or weekly): 
Via Zoom, Recordings Available ($1,499 value/employee)

Unlimited Email Correspondence: 
Directly with Amanda, replies within 24 hours during business hours ($3,500 value/employee)

Total value of the Employee Mental Health Benefit Package:
$6,498 per employee.  See your investment below.

The Investment

1-5 Employees

Stress and Anxiety Management Course

Weekly/Monthly Live Group Coaching

Unlimited Email with Amanda


Pay in Full: $9,999 -or- 
Three Monthly Payments: $3,799

6-10 Employees

Pay in Full: $14,999 -or- 
Three Monthly Payments: $5,699

11-20 Employees

21-50 Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the course take to complete?

Each of the six modules has a video component that is about an hour long.  Employees can watch it all all at once or in pre-made topic mini videos about 10 minutes each.  To get the best results you would also spend 15 minutes time practicing skills and strategies introduced.  

What are your credentials?

Great question!  I am licensed as a counselor in the state of Michigan.  I am a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) through NBCC.  I am a Telemental Health Provider - Associate (CTMH-A).  Additionally I am trained as a Preventative Health Specialist, in Motivational Interviewing, in CBT-Insomnia, and in Cognitive Processing Therapy

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes!  There is a 3 month payment plan in addition to the pay in full option.  


Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature and all the support your employees receive from me, refunds are not offered. If you're worried you won't see results or are unsatisfied in any way, I'm eager to troubleshoot and problem solve with you.


I can't wait to help you and your small business reach new heights of success by strengthening your first line of defense - your workforce!  

Life is yours for the taking, one moment at a time.  Live, love, learn, and enjoy!

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